1 . In the first chapter, why is the Pilot released from the community?

2 . Why does Jonas decide that “apprehensive” is a better word for his feeling than “frightened”?

3. What does Jonas’s mother do for a living?

4. Which rule is most frequently broken in Jonas’s community?

5 . Why does Jonas’s mother discourage Lily from becoming a Birthmother?

6. Why does Jonas worry about Asher’s Assignment?

7 . Why is Gabriel in danger of being released?

8 . What do the numbers assigned to each child signify?

9 . Why does the Chief Elder apologize to the audience at the Ceremony of Twelve?

10. How does the community react to the death of a child in the river?

11 . Where did the Giver get his wisdom?

12 . Which of the following was not written on Jonas’s Assignment sheet?

13 . What method does the Giver use to train Jonas?

14 . What are Stirrings?

15 . What is the first memory Jonas receives?

16 . Why is Lily skeptical of Jonas’s story about the elephants?

17 . What was the name of the failed Receiver who was chosen ten years ago?

18 . Why is Jonas not permitted to apply for release?

19 . How does Jonas help the newchild Gabriel go to sleep?

20 . Why do Jonas’s parents refuse to tell him that they love him?

21 . Why does Jonas interrupt his friends’ game of good guys and bad guys?

22 . Why does the Nurturing Center release one of every set of identical twins?

23 . Why does Jonas leave the community before the time he and the Giver had planned?

24 . How does Jonas keep the search planes from finding him and Gabriel?

25 . What does Jonas see (or think he sees) as he nears the bottom of the hill on the sled?

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